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A Baton Rouge law firm providing a wide range of legal services, Olinde & Mercer offers clients the advantage of our experience in civil litigation matters ranging from emergency service representation to environmental and maritime claims.

We Help Clients Avoid Litigation And Provide Aggressive Representation When Litigation Becomes Necessary

We are available to advise and counsel individuals and businesses seeking to prevent or resolve legal problems in areas such as construction, employment and admiralty operations. The bulk of our practice, however, involves representation in disputes, including claims and lawsuits over alleged injuries and losses.

Whether through well-documented demands, firm settlement negotiations or aggressive courtroom representation, we have built our strong reputation over the years through effective advocacy for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our experience is an advantage for clients in civil litigation matters.

Knowledgeable Business And Commercial Litigation Firm | Civil Service Law | Emergency Service Advocacy

We serve clients throughout Louisiana, with a special focus on the southern area of the state surrounding Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and Lake Charles. See information on our attorney’s qualifications:

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