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Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Share Your Passion

Regardless of the safety measures you take, a motorcycle accident can still cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, drivers and insurance companies may be quick to blame motorcyclists for their own injuries. It is vital to have a fact-driven strategy to help you get the recovery you need.

At Olinde & Mercer, we understand your point of view. We are motorcyclists ourselves, and we fight to protect our fellow bikers in Louisiana. After an accident, you can trust that we will do everything in our power to help you get fair compensation – and back on your motorcycle.

Motorcyclists Face Numerous Risks

Despite the freedom and thrill that motorcycles offer, common factors that lead to serious accidents include:

  • Major potholes, roadway debris or poor signage
  • Drivers making improper turns or failing to check blind spots when changing lanes
  • Drivers opening their car doors without checking
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding or drivers following too closely behind a motorcycle
  • Poor visibility and weather conditions, particularly on poorly lit roads or when drivers fail to turn on their lights

While you can prepare your own gear, equipment and route for your journey, there are many factors outside of your control. When someone else makes a dangerous error that leads to your injuries, we can seek compensation for you. Plus, even if you made a mistake, you may still be able to get compensation if the other driver is also at fault for the accident.

We can review your case to find the best possible path forward. If you have a possible personal injury claim, our team can build a case that fully supports your standpoint.

Firsthand Experience – On The Road And In Court

You deserve to work with lawyers who truly understand the risks and rewards of riding motorcycles. This is especially true when you’re facing conflict with insurance companies or other drivers.

Our attorneys are avid motorcyclists. We have personal experience with poor road conditions, negligent drivers and dangerous situations. However, we also have the benefit of experience on the legal side in both civil trials and in negotiations. Our dual experience allows us to fully analyze accident scenes and provide insightful representation.

Get A Free Consultation After A Crash

In the whirlwind of an auto accident, knowing where to start can be a challenge. We can point you in the direction that best serves your interests. Call 877-741-0028 or email our office in Baton Rouge to discuss your claim today.