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Commercial Litigation Firm Serving Baton Rouge And Beyond

Olinde & Mercer represents businesses in commercial disputes involving other businesses as well as end-user consumers. We advise business owners and managers who are interested in preventing legal problems, but when conflicts arise, we are there to advocate for plaintiffs or defendants in issues involving:

  • Contract disputes
  • Lease disputes
  • Alleged failure to deliver goods or services as promised
  • Allegations of unfair trade practices
  • Business disruptions and lost profits claims
  • Misrepresentation of goods or services
  • Insurance defense
    • Product liability defense
    • Personal injury defense

A Solid Reputation In Commercial And Business Litigation In Louisiana

After nearly 30 years of practice, our firm has built a solid track record of favorable outcomes on behalf of clients throughout southern Louisiana. Having worked with numerous businesses of all sizes over the years, the commercial litigation attorneys at Olinde & Mercer understand the importance of protecting a business’s bottom line. This may mean deciding whether a legal claim is likely to be cost-effective and worthwhile. Potential clients can count on our straightforward assessment from the time of an initial consultation through resolution of a commercial litigation matter.

To Settle Or Press On To Trial? Work With A Baton Rouge Lawyer Who Will Prepare You To Make The Right Decisions.

Throughout commercial litigation cases, there are times when clients decide to accept an offer, enter into negotiations or move forward toward battle in a courtroom before a judge or jury. Whether a client is the plaintiff or defendant in a commercial litigation matter, our law firm keeps communication channels open, educating and informing the person or organization that will accept a settlement offer or push harder for a fairer outcome.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding your business or commercial dispute in Louisiana, call or email us in Baton Rouge.