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Baton Rouge Insurance Defense Firm

Understanding all angles of accidental injury cases is beneficial for attorneys handling personal injury claims or defending insurers in such cases. At Olinde & Mercer LLC, we bring years of experience on both sides of the coin to the table.

We have built a strong reputation for effectiveness in insurance defense work. Our clients include major, nationally known insurers as well as smaller, specialized insurance firms. However large or small your company is and however large or small a damage claim is, we are prepared to defend your interests with the ultimate goal of protecting your assets from overreaching and exaggerated claims.

Personal injury clients understand the value of our experience in insurance defense work. Likewise, our insurer clients understand the strengths we bring as accomplished personal injury advocates. We know the tactics the other side is likely to use in an attempt to extract more compensation from your insurance company’s coffers.

If we represent you in a damage claim or lawsuit, our objectives will include:

  • Cost-effective resolution of claims
  • Enforcing coverage limitations
  • Minimizing your exposure to excessive claims
  • Getting a claim resolved as expediently and cost-effectively as we can

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Opposing attorneys may accuse your company of bad faith insurance as you seek to keep a settlement reasonable. We are prepared to defend you against this type of claim while protecting your company’s viability.

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Serving A Range Of Clients Statewide

We work hard to meet the needs of individuals and organizations throughout Louisiana, including emergency service providers, employers, property owners and people who have been injured or sued over others’ injuries. Our practice areas are varied and far-reaching, from commercial litigation to civil rights and admiralty and maritime law matters.