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Civil Service Law Firm In Baton Rouge Provides Defense And Advice

Civil service employees in Louisiana include firefighters and police officers. Qualifying for civil service positions includes passing tests. Successfully fulfilling a position requires adhering to rules and delivering good performance overall.

When Legal Problems And Questions Arise Regarding Civil Service Employment

Questions may arise during the course of civil service, from the application stage to hiring, promoting, disciplining and termination. Would-be employees, existing employees and recently laid off employees often appeal decisions to civil service boards throughout the state.

Those who appoint and manage civil service employees sometimes require legal advice and representation regarding employment issues such as hiring, firing, promotions and disciplinary matters.

We Defend Appointing Authorities And Assist Civil Service Boards In Investigations And Appeals

Civil service attorneys at Olinde & Mercer LLC in Baton Rouge defend employers and advise civil service boards in appeals brought before appointing authorities and boards throughout southern Louisiana. Attorney Henry D.H. Olinde brings nearly 30 years’ experience to the task of representing employers of civil servants.

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