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Pursuing Compensation For Admiralty And Maritime Injuries And Losses

Bordered by both the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River, Louisiana is home or host to numerous shipping operations traveling in these bodies of water, often along the shores of our state. Whether injuries and losses in and around these bodies of water involve Louisiana-based shipping companies or out-of-state operations, Olinde & Mercer LLC is available to evaluate injury and loss claims.

Baton Rouge Law Firm Providing Skilled Advocacy In Admiralty And Maritime Law Matters

Marine vessel operators in Louisiana often turn to Olinde & Mercer LLC for help facing legal challenges such as when:

  • Property owners allege that waterside and on-land installations were damaged by a ship, barge or other vessel.
  • Ship crew members claim they were injured on the job, either on a ship or on the shore.
  • Merchants claim cargo was damaged in shipping.

Our Baton Rouge law firm handles a broad range of admiralty and maritime law matters such as these. We defend vessel owners after collisions and allisions, and have handled compulsory pilotage issues. We invite inquiries regarding these and related legal issues involving commercial cargo ships, recreational ships, barges and other seafaring and riverboat operations.

Was One Of Your Ships Involved In A Vessel Collision? Did A Dock Owner Claim Your Ship Struck And Damaged A Stationary Object? Ask An Attorney For Advice.

Contact Olinde & Mercer LLC to discuss your legal concern with a Baton Rouge admiralty and maritime lawyer. Email us or call 877-741-0028 to schedule a consultation with no further obligation.

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Serving A Range Of Clients Statewide

We work hard to meet the needs of individuals and organizations throughout Louisiana, including emergency service providers, employers, property owners and people who have been injured or sued over others’ injuries. Our practice areas are varied and far-reaching, from commercial litigation to civil rights and admiralty and maritime law matters.