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Environmental Law Representation In Southern Louisiana

Environmental claims, also referred to as “toxic torts” in many cases, arise in a great variety of circumstances, including allegations of wrongdoing resulting in:

  • Gas and oil tank and pipeline leaks and spills
  • Underground tank leakage
  • Industrial-based contamination

Olinde & Mercer LLC in Baton Rouge is a valuable resource for companies, property owners and others involved in environmental challenges and disputes. We skillfully represent both plaintiffs and defendants in legal claims related to contamination such as from oil spills and leaks. Some of our clients have been harmed by spills and leaks; others are considered negligent and/or liable. On either side of the equation, our diligence and clear arguments aim to protect our clients’ rights and best interests.

Our law firm handle Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund issues. We help businesses and property owners make claims to recover costs of investigation, testing, containment, control and cleanup of hazardous waste.

Gasoline Distributors — Oil Transport Companies — Building Owners — Industrial Tenants: Contact Our Baton Rouge Law Firm For Help With Legal Claims

Evaluating a case, whether for a plaintiff or a defendant, is the first and most vital step in an environmental law matter. With nearly 30 years’ experience, our lawyers understand the importance of clear communication. Our clients receive the information and education they need to make wise decisions in their cases.

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