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Are you following Louisiana motorcycle rules of the road?

Spring is starting to get underway, and the weather is starting to tempt more motorcyclists to hit the open road.

As you start getting ready for another season on your bike, it may also be an excellent time to refresh yourself on some of the rules of the road. While some laws are similar in other states, there are some things that motorcycles cannot do in Louisiana.

Here’s what you should know about some of the motorcycle laws that are unique to Louisiana.

No lane splitting, please

Lane splitting is a way to increase traffic efficiency by allowing motorcycles to pass in the space between cars. Currently, California is the only place where lane splitting is legal.

While other states have considered adopting lane splitting, Louisiana is one of the 49 states where motorcyclists must wait through traffic with the other vehicles.

Staying protected

In some states, there are exceptions to who must wear a helmet. For example, in some states, once a rider reaches a certain age, the law no longer requires them to wear a helmet.

This is not the case in Louisiana. Here, all riders, regardless of age, must wear a well-fitting helmet with a chin strap. Additionally, you must also have eye gear to protect your eyes from road debris.

While some helmets include eye protection, if you have a helmet that does not include eye protection, you need to include it if your motorcycle does not have a windshield high enough to protect your face entirely. When you are choosing eyewear, keep in mind that you may not wear tinted eye protection at night.