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The 3 most dangerous roads based on Louisiana crash reports

The decisions you make behind the wheel have a direct impact on your personal safety. For example, if you decide to drive after drinking or pick up your phone to check that notification that just came in, you may drastically increase your chance of experiencing a collision.

The way that you maintain your vehicle, the time of day when you drive the most and even the route that you take can influence your safety. Certain roads in Louisiana are home to more collisions or a higher rate of fatal collisions than other streets. Elements ranging from design flaws and lawn maintenance to traffic density affect how likely collisions are to occur at different places.

If you know the three most dangerous roads in Louisiana, you can avoid them or at least employ extra caution when you have to travel these streets.

Where are you most likely to encounter a crash?

The amount of traffic on the road directly influences how risky it is, which is why it makes sense that all three of the most dangerous roads in Louisiana are in either Baton Rouge or New Orleans. In fact, seven out of the 10 deadliest roads in the state are either in Baton Rouge or New Orleans.

The third-deadliest road in the state was the site of 10 fatal collisions that cost 12 lives between 2018 and 2022. I-12 West running between Exit 7 and Exit 4 in Baton Rouge is one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the entire state.

The second deadliest state is I-10 East, specifically between Exit 231A and 239B. This 4.7-mile stretch of road in New Orleans saw 13 deaths in 13 different crashes. The deadliest road in the state is in Baton Rouge. Florida Boulevard between N. 26th Street and Delcourt Avenue had 16 fatalities between 2018 and 2020, each of which occurred in a separate collision.

How does this information help you?

When you understand the section of road that is the most dangerous near where you intend to travel, you can choose another route. Even if it will add a few minutes to your travel time, avoiding the most dangerous sections of road will help you statistically reduce your crash risk. If you do intend to travel one of the more dangerous thoroughfares in the state, you can pay closer attention to others around you and your control of your own vehicle to minimize your crash risk.

Learning more about Louisiana collisions can help drivers avoid crashes.