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How can motorcyclists stay more visible to other drivers?

Sometimes, it takes a close call for a motorcyclist to understand the importance of staying visible on the road. Too many times, motor vehicle drivers are just unaware that they share the road with the smaller two-wheeled vehicles.

And not only are some drivers unaware, but they also are distracted, especially by their phones. As a result, motorcyclists must always subscribe to defensive driving and make sure that drivers see them. But what are some of the best ways for motorcyclists to remain visible?

Bright colors, reflective tape and lighting enhancements

For a motorcyclist, some of the key things to do to stay visible to other drivers include:

  • Wear clothing with bright and high-visibility colors: The clothing and gear include helmets, jackets, vests and gloves. The colors include fluorescent red, fluorescent orange-red, fluorescent yellow-green and white. Clothing with other colors such as neon blue, bright pink and purple may increase your visibility as well.
  • Rely on retro-reflective material: Wear clothing and gear that include retro-reflective material. Apply retro-reflective stickers, decals and tape to your bike’s rims and saddlebags as well as on your helmet and clothing.
  • Ride a bright-colored motorcycle: A bright-colored motorcycle may stand out. White-, orange- and yellow-colored bikes may make drivers notice you better.
  • Use lighting enhancements and auxiliary lights: LED lights will improve visibility and illumination when riding at night.
  • Stay out of the driver’s blind spots: You want drivers to see you.
  • Use your bike’s horn: A quick double-tap on your horn will alert drivers distracted by their phones or drivers just pulling into traffic.

It is important for any motorcyclist to remain visible on the road whether riding at night, in poor weather, long distances, in congested traffic or on a roadway containing distracted drivers.

Improving your safety

Most motorcyclists do not wear high-visibility clothing, simply because of the way it looks. However, wearing high-visibility clothing and doing your best to stay visible to other drivers can make a difference. It improves safety – your safety.