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3 things to do in the aftermath of a motorcycle crash

You may not find yourself thinking clearly in the immediate aftermath of a motorcycle crash due to injury, shock or what have you. However, it is critical that you keep your cool in this scenario to make sure you cover your bases and avoid injuring yourself any further.

Planning ahead may work wonders when it comes to staying calm in the aftermath of a bike crash. It may also help you remember to do the following three important things.

1. Assess your condition

You may have adrenaline running through your veins following a motorcycle crash, and this may make you less likely to feel any injuries you experience during the event. Before getting up and moving around, wiggle your extremities. If things appear as they should, slowly move your elbows, ankles, knees and neck before getting up.

2. Determine who may be at fault

If another motorist or motorcyclist caused your injury, you should notify Louisiana law enforcement and stay at the scene until an officer arrives. Then, you need to fill out an accident report. If anyone witnessed the event, obtain their information, because you may need it later. The witness will be important if there is any question of liability for the crash.

3. Learn from the incident and get back out there

If you are lucky enough to walk away from a bike crash relatively unscathed, ask yourself what you stand to learn from the crash. Even if was not at all your fault, you may have learned something about the habits of other drivers that may help protect you when you get back on the bike.