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4 of the most common injuries suffered after a motorcycle crash

Thousands of Louisiana residents get around the state using a motorcycle. For some people, a motorcycle is their primary form of transportation. For many others, riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable break from the monotony of driving a traditional enclosed vehicle.

The thrill of having the wind in one’s face and the feeling of freedom that comes from operating a motorcycle are enjoyable but also reminders of the risk involved. If a crash occurs, a motorcycle rider does not have the structure of a vehicle to protect them. Severe injuries are quite commonly caused by motorcycle crashes.

Road rash

Getting thrown off of a motorcycle can lead to very painful injuries. Someone sliding down the pavement after a collision can suffer severe damage to their skin in the form of a friction injury called road rash. Road rash can cause a host of medical challenges ranging from infection to lasting disfigurement.

Broken bones

Even low-speed motorcycle crashes can lead to fractures or broken bones. Broken arms and legs are quite common when people do not have a vehicle to protect them from the force of impact. If a motorcycle rider has a blue-collar job, they may need to worry about both medical expenses and lost wages while they recover from a fracture.

Spinal cord injuries

Someone thrown from a motorcycle can land in unpredictable ways. Sometimes, they may suffer trauma to their neck or back. Spinal cord injuries range from incomplete injuries that cause mild disruptions in function to complete injuries that leave someone permanently unable to walk. Spinal cord injuries are among the most expensive possible consequences of a motorcycle collision.

Traumatic brain injuries

Even with a helmet on, a motorcycle rider could very easily suffer blunt force trauma to the head or violent motions that cause bleeding and swelling of the brain. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may require surgery and physical therapy and can impact everything from an individual’s personality to their future earning potential.

Many of these injuries can cost more than insurance can cover, which is one reason why motorcycle riders often need to file lawsuits after crashes. Learning more about the risks may help people advocate for their interests more effectively after they get hurt in a motorcycle incident in Louisiana.