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Types of compensation for a catastrophic injury

A catastrophic injury hurts victims in more ways than just physically. When the consequences of a catastrophic injury extend beyond the medical expenses, the compensation for those injuries should reflect the accident’s total expenses.

An accident involving a commercial truck is enough to change the lives of countless friends and family. The responsible party for the accident should be liable for all the costs of their mistake, and the compensation the victim receives should reflect that. Here are five forms of compensation an experienced personal injury attorney should pursue.

Total medical expenses

Insurance companies may try to convince a victim or their family to accept a far less settlement than is fair. The fact is that medical expenses from an injury can occur for years after an accident or longer, and the compensation for all medical costs should be a part of the compensation.

Lost income

The time a victim spends out of work while recovering results in that much lost income. Every day that someone is not able to earn a paycheck is more money out of their pocket. A personal injury lawyer can fight to include these losses as a part of the compensation.

Cost of life adjustments

If an injury leaves a victim with severe medical needs or a disability, the victim may need to change their whole lifestyle drastically. These changes can include major renovations to a home, like replacing landing steps with ramps or installing lifts to help a victim up or down the stairs. In some cases, a victim will need to relocate to an entirely new home that can meet their new disability needs.

Pain and suffering

It is not enough for the liable party to pay for the physical damage they caused; they should also be responsible for the emotional turmoil they put the victim through. Pain and suffering settlements compensate victims for all the anguish and suffering they endured and hold the responsible party accountable for all of the consequences they caused.

Loss of consortium

A major injury can cause a victim to lose their sense of enjoyment or pleasure from life, and they may also lose their sense of humor or affection. These changes can result in victims losing emotional connections to their loved ones, or marriages end altogether. The at-fault party is also responsible for the consequences of their actions and should pay for them.

Maximize your compensation

Fighting for fair compensation is not easy. Consult with a personal injury attorney to determine what you can do to secure your personal injury claim’s best possible outcome.