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What is my motorcycle crash worth?

The cost of recovering from a motorcycle accident can be very expensive. A motorcycle accident with non-fatal injuries can cost you several thousand dollars or more, so it is important to be sure that you are getting the compensation you deserve. When you are in the middle of a compensation claim following a motorcycle accident, here are the three types of damages you should consider seeking:


Economic damages are the consequences of an accident that have a tangible cost to them. Common examples of these damages include lost income during recovery, current and future medical operations, medical equipment, home renovations or relocation, and property damage. They are the easiest form of damages to seek compensation for because these losses have quantifiable costs.


Some consequences of an accident cannot be measured in dollars but deserve financial compensation nonetheless. You may deserve compensation for experiences like loss of consortium (loss of a relationship because of the injury), denied life experiences because of your injuries, and pain and suffering.


Sometimes it is not enough for the liable party of your accident to cover the costs of their actions. Punitive damages function as a punishment for the reckless actions of the responsible party and as a warning to others to prevent anyone else from making the same mistakes.

Get the compensation you deserve

There are many damages tied to a motorcycle accident, but do not be easily swayed by a fast settlement offer from the insurance company. Consult a personal injury attorney to confirm if an offer is fair and to learn what you can do to maximize the compensation you receive for an accident.