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3 driver behaviors that pose the most danger for motorcyclists

People driving large motor vehicles often act as though they own the road. Even though the law is very clear that four-wheeled vehicles must share the road with everyone from pedestrians and cyclists to motorcycle riders, those in larger vehicles often do not prioritize the safety of pedestrians and smaller vehicles.

Quite a few motorcycle crashes every year are the direct result of unsafe behaviors on the part of drivers rather than mistakes made by motorcycle riders. The following kinds of conduct have strong correlations with motorcycle collisions.

Intoxicated driving

A large number of crashes occur because someone gets behind the wheel after drinking. Drunk drivers often do not monitor their surroundings very carefully, making it easy for them to overlook a motorcycle rider. They might fall asleep at the wheel, which could have tragic results as well. Even if they see a motorcycle and try to avoid it, their increased reaction time and impaired decision-making ability might still lead to a crash.

Distracted driving

One of the most common reasons that people in larger vehicles cause motorcycle crashes is that they don’t notice the motorcycle. That risk is even higher when someone has outside factors demanding their attention. Mobile phones are a common cause of distracted driving, but conversations, meals on the road and even daydreaming can all leave a driver unable to properly monitor their surroundings in traffic.

Excessive speed

People who drive too quickly can lose control of their vehicles. When they are in heavy traffic scenarios, they may become quite aggressive. Although people often think of motorcycle riders as the ones who are likely to swerve in and out of traffic, aggressive drivers and habitual speeders frequently engage in that exact behavior. They may also fail to properly check the lanes of traffic they intend to enter, making them a major threat to those on motorcycles.

When those in bigger vehicles make mistakes that result in consequences for those on motorcycles, it may be necessary for an injured motorcycle rider to take legal action because of the extent of the losses they suffer. Identifying why a motorist caused a crash can be a good starting point for a motorcycle rider who wants to take legal action after a recent collision.